• We have in house financing to help secure the loan you need for your new home!

  • We have access to an entire network of Off Market Properties.

  • We make sure the property you purchase is a smart investment! We do this by showing you previous, current and future market analysis with projections in the area you are purchasing your new home in!

  • Repair/Renovation Team in place with over 30 years experience that can do any type of work needed IE: contractor, tile/cabinet work, kitchen/bathroom remodel, plumbing, electrical and landscaping. We have plenty of themes and affordable options to chose from!

  • Will advise on how to make a hefty return on your home purchase by carefully selecting a property and gradually doing renovations to maximize the return on your investment.

  • Create a google profile for your property containing all the documents relevant to the transaction and property complete with Vendor List, Amortization Table and Automatic Calendar Reminders

  • Will personally pick up and drive you to each property you’re interested in! (if needed)

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